Writing course

Danish Matters offers all courses on Skype (except for pronunciation courses in groups). Skype courses are ideal if your job requires travel or if you are not always at your workplace. With a Skype course, you can attend your course regardless of where you are.  

Both Danes and foreigners sometimes experience difficulties with writing. The challenges might be finding the right words or may be related to grammar.

The writing course will be designed to address student needs. The majority of course material will be the students’ own writing, which the teacher will review to identify areas for improvement. The teacher will draw from various sources to create exercises designed to best support learning in a way that meets student needs and goals.

Before your course, you will complete a needs assessment so that we know your needs before we start.

Danish Matters recommends a minimum of 15 lessons (45 min/lesson).

Price: Price: DKK 410/lesson plus the cost of teaching materials, transportation, and facility rental if necessary.

Danish Matters also offers this course via Skype. The writing tasks and texts can be shared or sent electronically.  

Please note: This course is also available for groups. 

Sometimes it is nice to learn another language along with others. In a group course, you can benefit from the dynamics of learning with other students. A group course can be offered when 2 or more students are at more or less the same level and share needs and goals. Group courses are available for writing, conversation, grammar or business. If you are interested in a group course for your colleagues or your staff, please contact Danish Matters to arrange for a course that meets your unique needs. 

Please note: Group courses only work in-person, and are thus not available via Skype.