Vocab Building

kr. 117,00

Build a good and solid vocabulary in Danish   

You’ve probably already learned some Danish and you now have a vocabulary that matches your level. Or maybe you don’t because life or work got in the way or maybe you just want to move forward and get an even better vocabulary on the next levels on your Danish learning journey.  

This audio package is packed with knowledge and advice for building up a (better) vocabulary in Danish. You’ll get expert knowledge and counsel as well as my own advice to you based on my experience. You’ll also get a tip for remembering the Danish numbers. 

Length: Vocab 1: 39:12; Vocab 2: 15:47; Vocab 3 – The Numbers and The Finger-Press Method: 20:56.

Together with the Back on the Horse audio series is also both an audio intro and an audio outro. They are the same for each package. For each package, you also get a separate ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ which serves as your guide as you go along and which will be your personal written account when you’re done listening. As proof to yourself and for future reference. The ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ is in English for all packages. 



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