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Your own language learning curve as well as your own learning preferences and pace 

Do you know your goal(s) for your Danish? If not, it might be a good idea to listen to that package first. However, you can still get something out of this package without the goal package. In this one, you’ll get an episode that’ll help you find out where you are on your own, individual learning curve which is great knowledge to have moving forward with your Danish. You’ll have a better chance of improving if you know where you’re at. In other words: if you know where on the map that you are it’s easier to find your way toward whatever goal(s) you might have set, or even if you just have a vague idea of where you’d like to go.

When you know your place on your own learning curve, you can individualize your own learning even more and that’s what the next episode will help you with. Here, you’ll be guided to know more about how you learn the best which again will help you improve your Danish even better because you know yourself.

Length: Your Learning Curve: 17:54; Your Pattern: 7:18.

Together with the Back on the Horse audio series is also both an audio intro and an audio outro. They are the same for each package. For each package, you also get a separate ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ which serves as your guide as you go along and which will be your personal written account when you’re done listening. As proof to yourself and for future reference. The ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ is in English for all packages.



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