Staying on Track

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How to stay on track

You’ll get the most out of this package/episode if you’ve listened to all of the others but you’ll still get plenty out of it even if you haven’t.
When learning Danish, either through language courses or classes or by self-studying, it’s sometimes difficult to keep momentum and just keep on going. Your life is full of so many tasks and situations that it can be hard to keep up. This means that learning (more) Danish is just one out of many other tasks on your to-do-list and you might have found it hard to stay on track with your Danish learning. This is what this whole Back on the Horse audio series has been created to help with and in this episode, you’ll be guided the last steps of the way so that when you’re done, you’ll know how to keep on going without falling off your horse. This, of course, only if you’re willing to do the work and keep what you’ve learned in mind. So, sit tight in your saddle and ride the last bit of the way on your Danish learning journey. Length: 23:10.

Together with the Back on the Horse audio series is also both an audio intro and an audio outro. They are the same for each package. For each package, you also get a separate ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ which serves as your guide as you go along and which will be your personal written account when you’re done listening. As proof to yourself and for future reference. The ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ is in English for all packages.



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