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How to set goals – also if you’re not exactly a planner 

We’ve all tried setting goals. To some, it’s easy, to others not so much. However, goals are important – i.e. if you want to move forward and improve. Without goals, your Danish learning journey will be like being buffed around from the wind as if you were in a boat. Because even with oars or a sail you’ll still have no idea where you’re going and without that it’s harder to know which learning tools to use, what modules or exams to take – and more difficult to talk to job interviewers and bosses about your Danish. With these episodes, you’ll know where to put your pin on the map of your Danish learning journey. Even if you’re not a planner, these episodes are still for you. Length: Goals 1: 16:19; Goals 2- What, How, and Why: 22:03; Goals 3  – Affirmations: 16:07.

Together with the Back on the Horse audio series is also both an audio intro and an audio outro. They are the same for each package. For each package, you also get a separate ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ which serves as your guide as you go along and which will be your personal written account when you’re done listening. As proof to yourself and for future reference. The ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ is in English for all packages.



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