Pronunciation course

Danish Matters offers all courses on Skype (except for pronunciation courses in groups). Skype courses are ideal if your job requires travel or if you are not always at your workplace. With a Skype course, you can attend your course regardless of where you are. 

Many foreigners master Danish at a good level when it comes to vocabulary and grammar. Pronunciation is typically more difficult to master – even after many years.

This course is for you if you use Danish in your daily life and speak it fairly fluently. Together we’ll go through the basic elements of Danish pronunciation and you’ll be introduced to online tools, which you can work with at home – also after you’ve finished your course.

Is there any pronunciation that you’ve heard which surprises you or which you have questions about? Any words or sentences which you find challenging to pronounce? This is the course for you.  You’re the one deciding the pace and we work according to your preferences.

Those new to Denmark will also be able to benefit from this course which for recent arrivals will be conducted in English. The advantage of receiving pronunciation training from the very beginning is that the student has not yet established bad habits which he/she would have to unlearn in order to acquire good pronunciation.

This is why both beginner and advanced students can benefit from this course. The content will, of course, vary according to the student’s level, mother tongue, and needs.

Before your course, you will complete a needs assessment so that we know your needs before we start.

Danish Matters recommends a minimum of 10 lessons (45 minutes/lesson).

Price: Price: DKK 410/lesson plus the cost of teaching materials, transportation, and facility rental if necessary.

Danish Matters also offers this course by Skype.

With group classes, we recommend a minimum of 20 lessons (45 minutes/lesson) and a minimum of 2 to 6 students per group. We recommend that groups be set so as to include students with the same mother tongue or language group.

Price: DKK 200/lesson per person plus VAT, cost of teaching materials, transportation, and facility rental if necessary.