Language is the beginning of all success!

It requires a lot to learn a new language and Danish is no exception.

Some struggle with pronunciation, others with grammar or vocabulary.

If this sounds like you, nothing’s wrong with you – it’s normal!

Chose on this page the Danish course that will bring you closer to what you want with your Danish. I will be there to guide you all the way.

RIGHT NOW, you can get the Danish Matters audio series BACK ON THE HORSE FOR FREE!

The audio series is for you if you find that you’ve fallen off your horse and would like to get back on again when it comes to Danish. The series isn’t a Danish course as such but language coaching in English. The series consists of a total of 17 audios but you can also get smaller packages if there are areas that are particularly interesting to YOU. Sign up for the Danish Matters email list and get a discount code once the series is launched on December, 17th 2021. You can get the audio series for free until January 10th 2022. Sign up by writing to: tina@danishmatters.dk and write ’email list’ in the subject line. You’ll then receive all emails from Danish Matters, also about products and courses that you can get either for free or at a reduced price, both for a period of time – for example, keep an eye out for emails on the Danish Matters SALE from January 11th!

If you’re an employer, family member, or friend of someone learning Danish, tell them about the audio series – and about Danish matters in general 😉 About the audio series, you can refer to these three videos: Video 1 , Video 2 , Video 3

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