About Danish Matters

What’s Danish Matters?

Danish Matters offers foreign nationals courses in Danish as a second language in the Copenhagen and northern Zealand area.

Students are employees who work in Denmark permanently or on contract.

Many staff coming from overseas benefit from being able to use Danish in the course of their work or to converse with colleagues. Sometimes a manager may suggest an employee take a Danish course, other times it is the employee who identifies a desire to pursue language goals.

As a sole proprietorship, Danish Matters offers clear advantages: When you contact Danish Matters you always talk to the same person. Even better: the person you talk to is your teacher and together you can discuss the course that will suit either you, your employee or your colleague. This creates a strong personal connection which is of great value to both the student and the teacher. In other words: at Danish Matters, there are no middlemen and therefore no risks of broken communications.

Who’s the teacher?

My name is Tina Bacher and I have been teaching Danish as a second language for about 10 years and have had my own business for almost as long.

I hold a master’s degree in French and Cultural Journalism from The University of Copenhagen and have specialized training in Danish as a second language. A part from teaching in Danish Matters, I also work as an Associate Professor at DIS, where I teach Danish to American university students.

When I was 20, I lived in Brussels for about a year as an au-pair girl living with a French-speaking family and going to language school every day.  That experience provides me with a sense of the cultural and linguistic challenges you might be facing living in Denmark.

My fantastic experience at the language school in Belgium provided a foundation for my current teaching. I was fascinated with and inspired by my instructors’ language and teaching skills.  For many years, the thought of one day teaching my own mother tongue to foreigners swirled in my head until the day I decided to make it a reality.

I have worked for many different language schools/companies: The no longer existing Dansk Kompetence, AAC Global (which is closed in Denmark), EEC sprogskole, International Communication and Studieskolen. At the last one, a university education in a language as well as modules in Danish as a second language were required, and the same educational level is required at my (other than Danish Matters) current workplace, DIS.

As I say: I went into this business because I was interested in languages – but I have stayed because I’m interested in people.

I have taught at all levels and have interacted with all kinds of people from all over the world. And I love it. I love to meet people from all over the world every day and to witness them grow and become more confident as their Danish improves. There’s no accent, way of spelling or pronouncing that I haven’t heard or seen and all my students are met with the same attitude: what level are you at or what are your needs? And: How can I meet these in the best way?

In other words: I’m only interested in how little or how much you know from the perspective that by knowing your needs and your challenges I’ll be able to help you in the best possible way.

Where does the training take place?

You and I will agree on meeting location that suits us both. This might be at your workplace, in your own home, in a meeting room at a library or in another place. I can teach anywhere there’s a table, two chairs – and peace and quiet!  I prefer to have either a whiteboard (preferably) or a flip-over at my disposal.

How do we get started?

You, your employee or your colleague contacts Danish Matters by writing an email tina@danishmatters.dk  or text (51840214) or by filling out the form here. Once you have selected your course(s), you will be asked to sign a contract and pay your fees. Before your first session, you will be asked to complete a needs analysis to identify training needs and expectations. This will allow training to be tailored to your needs.

Midway through the course and at course completion, Danish Matters will ask you evaluate the services being provided.  Your ongoing feedback as well as this formal feedback will allow for course adjustments as necessary.

A question often asked: ”Will I be speaking Danish fluently after 10 sessions?”

A simple answer is this: “That would be great!” But usually, speaking another language fluently takes time. Language is complex and has many nuances which cannot be fully learned in a short time. Learning a language is a process and it only creates frustration to think that, after a few Danish classes, you will be able to attend a parent’s meeting at your child’s school or participate in a staff meeting at work and fully understand fast-spoken colloquial language.

Tip: Try to compare your Danish course with that of obtaining your driver’s license. You probably recognize that you will not be an excellent driver after only getting your learner’s license, nor will you achieve full competence after a few lessons with your driving instructor.  You will need lots of practice.  When you learn a new field or topic you go through different phases.  There are many things you will need to know.  So, have patience and use your Danish! You can take many language lessons but ultimately, mastery will be attained by putting your lessons to use.  Use Danish as much as possible so that you can improve your skills and your knowledge.

”Practice makes perfect”

I look forward to teaching you!

Kind regards,

Tina Bacher