BACK ON THE HORSE – choose your package(s) on this page

Dear Danish learner!

Have you fallen off your horse when it comes to Danish learning?

On this page, you’ll find the Danish Matters audio series called BACK ON THE HORSE.

When learning Danish, either through language courses or classes or by self-studying, it’s sometimes difficult to keep momentum and just keep on going. You have a life, right? You have a job and duties with kids or maybe elderly parents or you do volunteer work or participate in activities and events. Life is full of so many tasks and situations that it can be hard to keep up. This means that learning (more) Danish is just one out of many other tasks and many find that it’s hard to stay on track with their Danish learning. This is what this whole BACK ON THE HORSE audio series has been created to help you with. 

The series is not a Danish course as such but a kind of META course, language coaching about HOW to learn Danish so that you can get back on your horse and improve your Danish.

Is it hard work?

Yes, and then again: no. Because when you work for something that you want in your life you’re continuously getting closer to more self-esteem, to feeling calmer, to feeling more at ease and in your zone. Basically: feeling more like you

If you only want to focus on a few elements of the BACK ON THE HORSE series, on this page you can choose to buy one or more packages.

All packages come with the intro and the outro for the whole of the series as well as the specific ‘Reflection and Awareness Sheet’ for each package which serves as your guide as you go along and it’s your personal written account when you’re done listening. As proof to yourself and for future reference.

Below you’ll get an idea of what the full package consists of and then you can sort out exactly the package(s) that’ll match your needs:

Your own belief system about Danish learning might surprise you

The myth about habits – and how to build one that sticks

How to set goals – also if you’re not exactly a planner

Your own language learning curve as well as your own learning preferences and pace

Build a good and solid vocabulary in Danish

What to do when things are tough and you fail

Know about a handy virtue and a useful skill that play a role in your learning

A break from Danish is important but with relaxation comes work, yet again – but that might just give you champagne bubbles in your body. Here’s how

How to stay on track

If you feel lost and don’t know where to start on your Danish learning again I suggest that you purchase the whole series BACK ON THE HORSE, it’s cheaper than getting the different packages bit by bit and still ending up with the whole series in the end. Improve your Danish with the whole series right here

I wish you a great listening experience!